We Care


We Care resonates with us and where we are at in life.  We have made many mistakes along the way. Polluted our bodies in the spirit if living and now we live a life of hydration, detoxification and active immersive meditation.


don’t forget to hydrate


Bees life

We-Care has a mission and that is to restore balance back to this planet by beeing encouragers to  the #1 destroyer of said planet to slow down and wake up. We understand that we are responsible for restoring wellness back to this planet and by doing so we will bring back balance and peace to our species.  We also understand the only way to restore balance beyond our species is to actively continue to achieve that in ones self.

Call to Action

Call to action

We are in a race to pollinate as many as we can to assist in this beautiful endeavor to champion We-Care throughout the Universe starting with this amazing planet we inhabit.

We are calling all those who seek personal freedom by awaking to what is and is not the truth in their lives. We live our lives completely inflamed by the toxins that we breath, consume, or drink.  The toxins that our parents told us were good for us and many still are today but unfortunately toxins are everywhere.  They are even on your Organic produce.   We have been accustomed to believe what is told to us by our Government, teachers and church leaders but unfortunately time was not on their side and the truth of our toxic lives was not manifested in the way we saw at the movies.  We expected WW3 , or even worse an invasion by zombies but that is not it.  We are being poisoned by our hyper criticism to one another and out doing each other in what is right by commercializing it and selling it to our fellow species only to continue the self destruction.

We will be educating on hydration, detoxification and active immersive mediation.


  • 2021

    Stepping Stones

    • Stepping StonesLaunch We-Care
    • Create Brand Ambassador Program
    • Register We-Care as a Non-Profit
    • Set up We-Care Testing/Certification Lab
    • Launch We-Care Heavy Metals/Toxins Consumer Awareness Report
  • 2022



    • Officially have logged and tested products from all 4 corners of the World and produced a report in every language of the levels of Heavy Metals and Toxins in each product
    • Create We-Care App for ease of access to tested consumer products
    • Launch Comyn Hospitality for the homeless
    •  Create decentralized crypto currency for Comyn Hospitality and local store owners to use as a means of transference.


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