Living Water Demonstration – Speaker Tam Fulton

Join us tonight for a fantastic living water demonstration by Tam Fulton a water whisperer.  She will take us on a healing adventure that will provide you the stepping you stones you need to get started on a road of restoration and vitality.


Living Water Demonstration

Tam Fulton

Appreciating the water you drink is appreciating every organ in your body and making a conscious decision daily to live in a regenerative state vs a degenerative state. The water we use to hydrate with is meant to detox our organs of heavy metals and other toxins the body does not have a method to remove. We are water so it is important that the water we consume is living vs dead. All the water on the shelfs in the store and coming out of your faucet is dead water with no restorative benefit. Come join us to learn how water can restore your health, vitality and give you new life.