Heavy Metal Detox Cream

iou.today’s Heavy Metal Detox Cream has been designed with intention to reduce inflammation and remove a direct cause of it.  Heavy metal’s are the number one cause of inflammation and are found in almost every acute and chronic illness case in the World.  EDTA is a natural preservative that is used in preserving food all around the World but in this case we are using it to bond with heavy metals in your body to be expelled through your urine or stool.

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Intentionally Designed





iou.today met the owner of UltraLifeSport many moons ago and he was so taken back by the owner and his confidence in product performance he had to give it a try.  The problem with living a healthy life is that you do not experience much of the common aches and pains in life that most others experience so we had to create the scenario that would get the most bang for the buck.  Leg day was the perfect storm of aches and pain to come and we used both the hot and cool rub as recommended which worked so well we decided to market the product ourselves.  Another great product is the  Nootropic Formula for maintaining a high focus state.

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Heavy Metal Detox and why?

90 Days and learned  so much about me.  One thing I did was stopped drinking caffeine and stopped doing nicotine over the 90days and happy to stay I am still not partaking.  Next I only drank ionically charged ph balanced water and had started drinking a stash decaf tea.  By the way I am Vegan, allergic to animal so I do not eat many toxins or weird foreign things.    Notice at the end of 90 days of putting on the detoxacream daily and drinking my water my arsenic went up dramatically.  Who knew stash tea has arsenic in it, now I do.  By the end of 90 days i would take a sip of it and be running to the bathroom.  All in all the fast and heavy metal detox test went extraordinary well.  I had know idea we could pull as much aluminum out as we had nor did I think we could do the same with lead.  Why?  This product was designed for lead and was known to pull all heavy metals out, but it was designed for lead.  So, I am surprised to see not only did we do awesome at removing lead but we did also awesome removing aluminum.  Those two are the leading contributors to the cause of inflammation that causes every chronic and acute illness.

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FocusBand offers a wide range of apps on either Android or Iphone.  Neursoselfcare and the FocusBand app’s are our favorites for training. What is yours?