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Heavy Metal Detox Cream

iou.today’s Heavy Metal Detox Cream has been designed with intention to reduce inflammation and remove a direct cause of it.  Heavy metal’s are the number one cause of inflammation and […]

Intentionally Designed

  UltraLifeSport https://www.facebook.com/UltraLifeSport iou.today met the owner of UltraLifeSport many moons ago and he was so taken back by the owner and his confidence in product performance he had to […]

Heavy Metal Detox and why?

90 Days and learned  so much about me.  One thing I did was stopped drinking caffeine and stopped doing nicotine over the 90days and happy to stay I am still […]

FocusBand Gallery

FocusBand offers a wide range of apps on either Android or Iphone.  Neursoselfcare and the FocusBand app’s are our favorites for training. What is yours?