Tribes and Packs

The true character of a tribe or pack member is in the wholeness of their hearts, clarity of intention and daily actions toward honoring oneself inward, while dedicating all outward actions toward resonating at ones highest level multiplying ones wellbeing everywhere. may look like an extraordinary web based company with an awesome brink n mortar training center in Tustin, CA called Whole Brain Power, but we are more.  We are an extraordinary earthy bunch of spirit led beings living out a human experience totally dedicated to teaching hydration, detoxification and active immersive meditation on a daily basis.  We understand the more we love on you, the more we love on ourselves.  We are selfish that way.

We collaborate with tribes and packs from all over the World that embody our daily rituals which are Hydration, Detoxification and Active Immersive Meditation or some form of meditation on a daily basis.  Many are vegetarians or vegans but not all, we do have meat eaters and they are lovely creatures also.