During meditation we are taught to clear our mind, focus on our breath’s and hold an intention that resonates at a high level of energy/frequency like “Joy, Love, Wonderment” that we hold onto during the meditation to be our guide. understands there are 1000’s of different mediation styles developed over thousands of years.  We understand the importance of oxygen and the Brain and staying in a rest and relaxed state as long as we can during each day.  We understand that  we will not stop trying to teach you how to breath so you can understand how it feels to be your own joy generator.

Joy generation is an internal operation, not an external endeavor as we have been led to believe by our parents, teachers, employer’s and peer’s.  Becoming your own joy generator is essential for creating homeostasis within ones self. Otherwise you will seek  outside yourself for balance, also known as relief.

Active Immersive Meditation