Making health a habit is’s #1 goal. How we go about it is what makes us different. We only focus on long term benefits, short term benefits are just part of the process.

Products’s products, programs and training have all one thing in common and that is that they do exactly what they are intended to do.  For instance our heavy metal detox inflammation cream not only reduces inflammation but pulls a root cause out of your body which is lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium and more.

The 90 day detox challenge is to inspire your family and friends to be more aware of the #1 cause of inflammation.  Heavy Metals are the root cause to every chronic and acute disease the humans species and animals species face today.

Summer Camp

Training & Programs training and programs provide an immersive educational experience designed to enrich the mind, body and create emotional wellbeing.

Our goal is to assist you tap into the amazing talents you do have and or aspire to manifest.  We believe everything is possible and time will open up to you, making health a habit.

We Care

Mission’s mission is to share our mindshare, testimonials, skills and the products that worked for all of us along the way to becoming our authentic amazing selves.

We understand that you are unique and require a unique set of products, potential programs and training to help you discover the true, authentic amazing you.

That is exactly why we created, it literally is for you to learn how to mindfully maximize each moment while staying cool, calm and contemplative.  We’re all part of the collective tribe so lets you and IOU Today do this!

About is place for authentic people who practice hydration, detoxification and a form of meditation everyday to market, share and sell holistic products, programs and training that work 100% of the time.

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